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Kelly Gedvilas
Resilient, multidisciplinary designer of impactful user experiences |


  • Jonathan Diaz

    Jonathan Diaz

    Hey! i'm Jonathan! I longboard, dabbled in web design and a UX/UI

  • enid nolasco

    enid nolasco

  • Allison Quinty

    Allison Quinty

    Miami based creative thinker, multi-disciplinary product designer, and UX strategist.

  • Isaiah Barrett

    Isaiah Barrett

    Say it so everyone can hear it

  • AdinaG


    UX/UI Designer - on a mission to make this world fun

  • Rachael Ray

    Rachael Ray

    Research Analyst, Content writer at

  • Amanda Camposano

    Amanda Camposano

  • Hardeep Saluja

    Hardeep Saluja

    U of FL (major: Biochem; top 13% on the MCAT) -> Med School (voluntarily withdrew from MD Program) -> Real Estate -> UX & UI -> Now: Both RE & UX & UI Design

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