An Exercise on Design Thinking

For Mobile Banking Feature


Whole Bank is in the developmental stages to become a more technological and user-friendly local banking branch in small town Framingham, Massachusetts.

The Problem

Oftentimes traveling incurs issues with banking institutions or the cards themselves and for that reason individuals prefer to downsize their wallet while traveling.

The Goal

The overall task is to create a solution that provides effortless usability, quick payment, worry-free checkout, keep customer loyalty and maintain an overall feeling of reliability and trust.

Process to Solution

Once initial research was completed, I jotted down a list of questions to ask during interviews that would help me understand the experiences people have while traveling and using mobile pay. My goal was to lead the interviewee into expressing their pain-points in these areas.

Solution via Prototype

My Solution: create a secure experience with as little action as possible.

  • Pull out phone, slide prompted notification to open scan screen within app
  • Approve secured purchase

Final Insights

While this was just a rough idea, there are so many more steps that could be involved in this single solution alone! I can see where a simple alteration to an app feature requires more time, research and even A/B testing to find the most effective solution possible for happy users.

Resilient, multidisciplinary designer of impactful user experiences |

Resilient, multidisciplinary designer of impactful user experiences |