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Usability Testing on Boston University

The Goal

The intention of this study was to analyze how a user discovers specific areas on a website, while pin pointing areas of confusion, frustration and friction in the overall user experience. Out of a list of college websites, I chose to test

Commonly referred to as BU, Boston University…

For this challenge, we were to take existing app screens and produce what the wireframe would have looked like in Sketch. I enjoyed this perspective of taking the screens a step backward and seeing them take a more simple, structural form.

What I like most about wireframing is that there…

Time to explore Sketch and the task at hand was to mimic a supplied design.

Short-keys pretty much hold the same equivalence as coffee does for a designer, so thankfully enough it’s good to know most of them carry over from Photoshop.

I enjoyed searching for the details on all…

For Mobile Banking Feature


Whole Bank is in the developmental stages to become a more technological and user-friendly local banking branch in small town Framingham, Massachusetts.

The branch found that using their credit and debit card services while traveling caused major inconveniences for their customers and saw an opportunity for advancement on their already…

Kelly Gedvilas

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